Supporting businesses in their transition to sustainable development


  • What if you could use the Sustainable Development Goals to promote your business?
  • What if your sustainability strategy could also create additional value?
  • What if you could reduce your business costs and improve your reputation?
  • What if your purchasing changed so that it could engage positively with the well-being of your suppliers and employees?  

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is based around three pillars; social, environmental and economic, these have been developed into 17 Sustainable Development Goals. I work with companies to become aligned with these goals and incorporate; Social Impact, Business Innovation and Environmental Sustainability into their business model.

How will it help your business?

Being sustainable is not just beneficial for the environment and society but also for business. 

  • Brand reputation
  • Cost savings 
  • Consumer demand 
  • Employee retention
  • Keeping up with competition 
  • New business opportunities 

81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. World Economic Forum 

Sustainable companies benefit from additional business opportunities, become more attractive to customers, and use their hard work to boost marketing campaigns.

Sustainable Development Goals

Social Impact

How can your company make a positive impact on people including employees, local community, other stakeholders and the rest of society.


Business Innovation

How can your company find its ‘niche’, explore new business opportunities and reduce costs through new perspective thinking.


Environmental Sustainability

How can your company take steps to reduce its carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly instead of harming the environment.

Three Step Process

1. Identify The Problem

Carry out an assessment of the business to understand the characteristics and current impact. Business rating for how the company fits sustainable development; Social; Environmental, Economic. 

2. Find The Solution

New perspective thinking to find solutions and options. Enabling businesses to find solutions specific to their business and excel in; social IMPACT, Business INNOVATION & environmental SUSTAINABILITY. 

3. Make The Transition

The final stage is facilitation of the company’s transition. Implementing changes to the company to integrate social and environmental values into the heart of the company through innovative strategies. 

About Eller 

  • Cofounder of a social impact company
  • Postgrad in Circular Economy & Innovation
  • ‘Lived’ Permaculture for 28 years
  • Business growth consultant
  • Sustainable Development expert
  • Global impact researcher for over 8 years

I am an impact researcher, sustainable development advisor and former cofounder of a social impact startup. With over 8 years experience working on social and environmental projects globally I help businesses move to the next level with their impact, innovation and sustainability. I combine proven sustainability frameworks that gives companies a unique advantage of improving sustainable development and a clear vision and roadmap of how to get there. I run workshops and do talks for businesses on their sustainable development strategy.

A truly sustainable business is more than just recycling or reducing plastic.
It is also about the people you work with, the quality of your product, your supply chain.
A sustainable business is thinking locally & globally, internally & externally, socially & environmentally.


Eller is brilliant in what she does with her customers in helping them transitioning to a more sustainable and social business, that have more impact. It’s a pleasure to exchange with her, learn from her skills and discuss about how future might look. I can for sure recommend to take the chance for a talk with her!

Markus Besch
Impact Hub Stuttgart

I met Eller at a remote Social Economy event and it was clear straight away that her perspective and voice would accelerate my Circular Economy project ambitions. We invited her as a «Primer» for our SAP devX challenge and she gave us some independent «food for thought» on Industrial Symbiosis. Eller helps facilitate collaboration, embed knowledge and deliver outcomes.

Cameron Rouse
SAP Labs

Thanks to Eller we’ve been able to raise awareness on how to become more sustainable as a company. It was great to have a unique workshop that was specially crafted for Typeform and it was even better to have a proactive session that allowed us to come up with actionable steps to protect our environment. Also, Eller gave us a great number of resources and tips that we are still using! In addition, she is a great professional and a motivating person. 100% recommended!

Pep Sanz 

A Member of: 

Positive Movement
Catalyst 2030

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